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Hi, I’m Anish

I write about being purposeful towards your end users to help digital professionals and marketers set their sights on what really matters. 

Purpose first

Purpose starts with serving your users – not customers, not your product, but serving users that interact with you in any way or form. 

And in this blog, we talk about just that: From methods and techniques to improve your UX to capturing and drawing insights – all with the focus of keeping purpose of serving your users at heart and center.

User-centric mindset

To help streamline your decision-making and strategy, with putting users at center of focus

Data-driven insights

 Because opinions are a dime a dozen, and data-driven insights are the key to scaling your successes  and minimizing losses

UX methods & tools

To use tried and tested techniques for building and re-evaluating your user journey paths

Purposeful digital marketing

Because purpose can be the north star you need to guide your online marketing to make a difference 

Digital marketing, done right

Users and customers have become statistical figures in analytics tools these days.

The moment we forget the needs of real people behind the monitors visiting our websites (instead of only aiming for “maximizing AOV/CR%/ROAS/ROI”), we fail in our service & “how” we’re supposed to “maximize our KPIs”.

Tapping into a real purpose and finding the “human factor” in what you do with your digital marketing can make all the difference.

It’s key not only to give yourself a sense of knowing your contribution in the world but also can be your competitive edge.

That’s what the blog is about.


Know-how on UX improvement

Click above to read the content on how to improve your user-centricity and user experience as a marketer (methodologies, opinions, etc.).

UX and digital marketing tools

Tools to help implement a user-centric approach in your marketing, while being compliant with privacy rules