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About me

The idea behind the blog

The idea behind the blog is simple: to advocate for letting purpose be the north star in online marketing and digitalization for marketers and business owners – to not only hope to do some good in the world and lead by values, but letting that good become a unique advantage that get the “right” businesses ahead over the long-term.

In this blog, I write about exactly the middle of what I illustrate in the image: what it means to be in the middle, how to be mindful of purpose in the digital marketing activities, tools to help accomplish your goals with purpose at heart, and more.

What it means to be user-centric

It’s easy to be customer-centric customers pay the bills, but what about users that end up on your website and may only want information but not looking to buy something from you?

Do you make sure you serve them just as well as you would a visitor that’s ready to buy? That’s what’s at the heart of user-centricity – going one step beyond customer-centric.

The idea is that within your online marketing, if you put users first – even users that aren’t interested in buying something you have to offer – and design your website, your funnel, products accordingly with a satisfying user experience (UX), you will win over the long-term. In fact, that’s how some of the most successful companies pave the way for their success – with a user-centric mindset that puts understanding of their base, fulfilling their needs, and taking time to educate them genuinely what’s right for them and what’s not.

About me

I’m Anish, I’m a 28 years old online marketer living in the Netherlands. I live here in NL for about ~5 years and I’m originally from India.

If you’re a personality tests nerd (like myself), allow me to introduce myself based on the MBTI test framework, I’m an INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiver) – or what 16personalities calls a mediator. If you don’t know what that means, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like noisy parties, tend to be absent-minded and losing myself into webs of thoughts, and often have a creative itch to scratch.

I work professionally as an e-commerce manager at a European bank. I’ve been an online marketer since 10 years, I was self-employed in the  beginning stages of my career doing affiliate marketing from SEO, freelancing web design, digital journalism and bunch of other things. Now, through this blog I’m looking to channel the mish meshes of my past experience in my profession into something that focuses on a central theme of being purposeful in your marketing.