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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Online Marketing

Here’s an interesting statistic: another 330 million people started using the internet over the past year. This makes a staggering total of over 4.6 billion internet users this year alone. Here’s more, there’s no sign that this number will stop here.

With everyone going online, industries are shifting to the digital world. This shift created a large pool of competition in the online world.

Digital marketing is an important player in the success of brands now more than ever. However, finding the best working digital marketing strategy as consumer behaviour shifts will be difficult. To succeed, you must stay updated with the trending digital marketing strategies.

Keep reading to find out digital marketing trends to look out for this 2022!

Video Marketing Takes the Lead


This digital-driven world decreased consumers’ patience. Today, consumers expect an instant result and a short wait time.

They frown when faced with texts explanations and instead prefer visual content. As a result, video content tops the list making it one of the leading digital marketing trends.

This is why short story visual marketing is one digital marketing for businesses to look out for. Video advertisements on YouTube and Facebook, for instance, last for a few seconds. Yet, since the videos are engaging and more direct, brand name retention is higher.

Further, Cisco projects that by 2022, 82% of all online traffic will be video content. It also found that videos outrank other SEO tactics in generating first-page ranking.

Also, about 93% of digital marketers also pointed out that video takes the centre of their strategy. Meanwhile, studies say that 84% of consumers buy products after watching a video about them.

One video marketing content that’s booming is live video feed. As it’s engaging, consumers are spending three times longer watching them.

The key takeaway? The future of digital marketing lies in video marketing. Therefore, brands should look into investing more in creating video content this 2022.

Push Notifications Joins 2022 Digital Marketing Trends

The increase in mobile activity led to the rise of push notifications. In addition, the convenience that mobiles offer makes it the top medium for online activities.

For a marketer, this means that the eyes of your audience are on their mobile screen. As such, if you want to catch their attention, you have to look for ways to penetrate their mobile screens.

Today, more and more consumers allow push notifications on their phones. Brands ought to take advantage of this and use push notifications to reach out to customers.

However, there’s a fine line that brands should make sure not to cross with push notifications. When users receive a lot of daily pushes, consumers will likely unsubscribe.

As such, if you plan on using push notifications, limit your pushes. When used correctly, push notifications can drive brand awareness and audience engagement.

Moreover, brands ought to start making their content mobile-friendly. One can do so by optimizing website design so that it automatically adapts to smaller screens. Creating a separate brand app can also work.

Digital Marketing With Voice Search


As per market projections, usage of voice assistants will increase to 18% in 2022. This is because 61% of consumers aged 25-64 expressed interest in using voice search more. Moreover, with a quarter of US households already owning smart speakers, there’s no sign that voice search will slow down this 2022.

One prominent marketing strategy in voice search is “Branded skills.” Allow me to use the Alexa speaker as in my example.

When a user asks, “Alexa, what are whiteheads?” Alexa will inform the user about whiteheads as part of its information function. The marketing opportunity comes in the succeeding inquiry made by the users.

It’s only logical that the user will end up asking Alexa how to get rid of whiteheads. Here, brands can use Alexa to introduce their products.

Truly, voice search is one method that you can use to reap the benefits of digital marketing. Even if your brand isn’t equipped for voice search marketing, you can still reap its benefit.

Voice searchers use longer and more conversational answers. Optimizing your content to fit these standards can make it more visible to voice searches.

This means that the chances of voice searches of using your content to answer user inquiries are high. Doing this can also increase your content’s visibility on the position zero on Google.

AI Rises In Digital Marketing

Brands from various industries led the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business transactions. However, beyond automating basic tasks, AI has great potential in the marketing industry.

AI can endorse keywords that brands can use in their content to optimize their SEO ranking. AI can also predict customer behaviours that can help brands become aware if they need to change their marketing strategy. It can do so by analyzing their browsing history and previous purchases.

The endless possibilities that AI offers make it a rising start in digital marketing. Brands ought to work on using AI with other digital marketing tips and strategies this 2022.

Take Advantage of Chatbots Today

Businesses, particularly in the healthcare industry, started incorporating chatbots in their operations. Chatbots help handle customer services such as automated email marketing and answering inquiries.

AI powers chatbot dialogues that brands can customize to assume a particular personality. This helps make chatbots engaging, which prompts customer interaction.

This personalized and fun experience that chatbots provide encourages customers to want to interact more. As a result, brands can get more opportunities to promote their brand gradually. This benefit that chatbots offer is why it’s one of the hottest trending digital marketing strategies these incoming years.